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Private Seminars

Murata Associates, Inc. offers private seminars, exclusive to your company, apart from our general seminars / lectures. Our seminars have been much appreciated by many major corporations, entrepreneurs, and managers who wish to develop their business in the older adult market. Content is taken from our general seminars / lectures, together with customized topics for your business projects. We offer you specific ideas and proposals for your projects.

Below are some of the topics we present you in our private seminars. The content will be chosen based on your request.

  • The reality and the future of a longevity society.
  • The purchasing patterns of the older adults: their characteristics and background.
  • Who are older adults of today, and of near future?
  • Examples of successful, innovative businesses in the USA (and how to make good use of them to develop your business in Japan).
  • Identification of client needs and assessment of business trends in the market for older adults.
  • The most efficient marketing methods for older adults.
  • The importance of organizing a community for older clients.
  • Learn about AARP, America’s huge membership organization for older adults.
  • What can we learn from the examples of projects targeting older adults based on an alliance of companies from different industries?
  • Developing a new service by utilizing the abilities of older adults.
  • The secrets for a large corporation to be successful in a new business for older adults.

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