July 2, 2008
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Designs By The Young For The Elderly
Chinese News Radio 95.8FM current affairs programme Pulse ran a ten-minute feature today on design ideas by the young for the old. The story began with snippets from the soundtrack of a short film produced by a TP student titled “This is My Grandpa”, which highlighted the generation gap between the young and the elderly. It then went on to explore how some young people overcame the age gap to produce award-winning design ideas for the elderly. Temasek Design School student Jonathan Siew and two secondary school students who clinched top awards in the >60 International Design Award 2008, were interviewed. They talked about how their winning ideas work to provide solutions to daily problems faced by the elderly. The story also highlighted that the award was launched by TP’s >60 Design Centre. Two members of the international judging panel, Prof Ron Nabarro and Dr Hiroyuki Murata, were also quoted. They discussed what young designers should look out for when designing for the elderly, why they should not equate ageing with disability and the importance of understanding their needs.

The programme was broadcast this morning at 8:15am and will be repeated this evening at 5:15pm.

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