January 11, 2008
Silver Industry Conference & Exhibition (SICEX) 2008
How Japan Turned Ageing into a Business
Turning Silver into Gold: Opportunities in Asia

The Silver Industry Conference & Exhibition (SICEX) 2008 is aimed at stimulating business interests to harness the economic opportunities of an ageing Asia. Asia as a whole is ageing rapidly. The number of people in Asia above 60 years of age is expected to be 1.2 billion by 2050. This is four times more than in Europe and the US combined. A recent MasterCard report dubbed Asia as a "glittering silver market" with consumer spending by baby boomers in key Asian countries projected to almost triple from US$228 billion in 2005 to US$616 billion in 2015. The regional event is focused on four key areas: Healthcare : Wellness, Travel & Leisure, Finance & Investment, and Technology.

10-11 January 08 Conference
12-13 January 08 Exhibition

Plenary Session - Road Ahead for Asia
"How Japan turned Ageing into a Business"
by Hiro Murata, Murata Associates

Japan is now the most rapidly aging country in the world. With more than 21% of its population already over the age of 65, Japan has experienced significant changes in its social security system, consumer products and workforce rules. Murata will explore the challenges and issues raised by the aging of their populations. Murata will address a number of questions and answers including:
What opportunities for new products and services are created by population aging?
How will these changes affect our consciousness as individuals and as a society?
What new strategies are needed toward our aging society?
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Hiro Murata at Plenary Session   Panel discussion after Murata’s speech


Murata answering question from moderator   Murata answering question from audience with gesture


Conference hall and audiences overview   Murata as an audience

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