September 8, 2007
World Ageing & Generations Congress, St. Gallen, Switzerland
EU-Japan Collaboration: Toward the Smart Aging Society
Since Japan is on the frontier of the rapidly ageing society, more creative approaches are needed in combination with international and interdisciplinary collaboration. This session will focus on the two leading-edge projects between EU and Japan on the business of ageing:

1) Brain science research and its practical implementation (Nintendo Brain Age)

2) Independence assistive products by Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center

Discussion will address a number of questions including:
What is the process of the collaboration?
What are synergies produced from the collaboration?
How did each party overcome the challenges among the team?
What strategies are needed for more successful collaboration?
Organizer: The Social Development Research Center, Japan
Hiroyuki Murata, President, The Social Development Research Center & Professor, Global Strategies, Tohoku University
Ryuta Kawashima M.D., Professor, Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University
Kouichi Kawamoto, Project Leader, Software Development & Design Department Software Planning & Development Division, Nintendo Co.,Ltd.
Sinikka Salo, Ph.D., Head of R&D Unit, Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center & Business Development Director, Finpro
Hiroshi Yoshimura, Deputy Head of R&D Unit, Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center
Date & Time: September 7, 2007 16:00-18:00
Venue: University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Expected audience: potential research and business partners in Europe

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