March 9, 2005
Boomer Business Summit, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Sharing Lessons on Midlife Marketplace between Japan and the US
Hiro Murata was invited as a guest speaker at What's Next Boomer Business Summit.

In Japan, in the last several years, an increasing number of enterprises have been focusing on developing new products and services for older adults or for the Baby Boomer generation. In most cases, these efforts failed. The reason why that is their visions are too narrow. Many enterprises consider the older adult market or the Boomer market as single homogeneous icebergs. However, in a modern economy, it is not enough to say that the Boomers represent a large part of the market just by sheer numbers. The reason is that the nature of today's market is different from that in the past. This chapter gives readers the essence to view rightly the Baby Boomer market or Senior Market and insights to success in serving such markets in your country.

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