The Silver Market Phenomenon:
Business Opportunities in an Era of Demographic Change
October 2008


Florian Kohlbacher
Cornelius Herstatt


Looking at the Bright Side of Things

From the World Demographic Association

Preface and Introduction

Part I
The Demographic Shift: Challenges, Chances, Perspectives

1 Demographic Change and Economic Growth
---T. Fent, B. Mahlberg, and A. Prskawetz

2 Talking Politics: Demographic Variables and PolicyMeasures in Japan
---G. Vogt

3 The Silver Markets in Japan Through Regulatory Reform
---N. Yashiro

4 Matching Demand and Supply: Future Technologies for Active Ageing in Europe
---N. Malanowski

5 How Baby-Boomers in the United States Anticipate Their Aging Future: Implications for the Silver Market
---M. Silverstein and A. Abramson

6 Japan’s Demographic Changes: Social Implications, and Business Opportunities ---C. Usui

Part II
Innovation, Design and Product Development for the Silver Market

7 Disabled Persons as Lead Users for Silver Market Customers
---P. Helminen

8 Integration of the Elderly in the Design Process
---K. Schmidt-Ruhland and M. Knigge

9 Universal Design – Innovations for All Ages
---O. Gassmann and G. Reepmeyer

10 Transgenerational Design: A Heart Transplant for Housing
---J.J. Pirkl

11 Service Innovation: Towards Designing New Business Models for Aging Societies
---P. Reinmoeller

Part III
Marketing for the Silver Market

12 Current Strategies in the Retail Industry for Best-Agers
---G. Arnold and S. Krancioch

13 Silver Pricing: Satisfying Needs is Not Enough
---S. Lippert

14 Macro-Structural Bases of Consumption in an Aging Low Birth-Rate Society
---T. Yamashita and T. Nakamura

15 Changing Consumer Values and Behavior in Japan:Adaptation of Keio Department Store Shinjuku
---N. Enomoto

16 Grey Power: OlderWorkers as Older Customers
---S. Tempest, C. Barnatt, and C. Coupland

17 Older Consumers’ Customer Service Preferences
---S. Pettigrew

18 Silver Advertising: Elderly People in Japanese TV Ads
---M. Prieler

19 Advertising Agencies: The Most Calcified Part of the Process
---C. Nyren

20 The Importance ofWeb 2.0 to the 50-Plus
---D. Stroud

Part IV
Industry Challenges and Solutions

21 The Business of Aging: Ten Successful Strategies for a Diverse Market
---H. Murata

22 The Discovery and Development of the Silver Market in Germany
---P. Enste, G. Naegele, and V. Leve

23 India: Emerging Opportunities in a Market in Transition
---S.P. Antony, P.C. Purwar, N. Kinra, and J. Moorthy

24 Silver Markets and Business Customers: Opportunities for Industrial Markets?
---P. Mertens, S. Russell, and I. Steinke

25 Business Chances in Personal Transportation: Traffic Safety for Older Adults
---K. Mitobe

26 In-Vehicle Telematic Systems and the Older Driver
---J. Meyer

27 Taking Advantage of Adversarial Demographic Changes to Innovate Your Own Business
---E. Osono

28 The Golden Opportunity of Silver Marketing: The Case of Housing and Financial Services
---K.A. Grossberg

29 Medical System Reforms and Medical Information Systems in Japan
---N. Kishida

30 The End of Mass Media: Aging and the US Newspaper Industry
---M. Miller

31 Material Innovation in the Japanese Silver Market
---J. Tomita

32 Potholes in the Road to Efficient Gerontechnology Use in Elderly CareWork
---H. Melkas

33 Senior Educational Programs for Compensating Future Student Decline in German Universities
---D. Schwarz, J. Lentzy, and C. Hipp

Lessons Learned and the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead
---C. Herstatt and F. Kohlbacher

---H. Tschirky

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