Business Practice for Older Adults Market
September 13, 2005
Series of “Business Practice”, SMBC Management Review


The basic understanding of the Older Adults Market.

Chapter 1
How to develop a new market in an already saturated market?

Chapter 2
How to find dissatisfaction of customers?

Chapter 3
How to attract retired business people?

Chapter 4
How to satisfy today’s older adults who’ve already got enough products, if not too many.

Chapter 5
A new retired lifestyle and the business opportunities.

Points for entering the Older Adults Market.

Business Practice for Older Adults Market was published as one of the serial textbooks by SMBC Management Review, a group of managers dealing with Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group.

This is a summary of practical business ideas to inspire your paradigm shift. An easy reading, even for a busy manager who doesn’t have much free time.

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