Business of Aging: 10 Successful Strategies for a Diverse Market.
January 16, 2006
Diamond, Inc.

I wrote this book for business managers, who are struggling to start a new business targeting the Boomers market.

So many people look at the Boomers as one big group of consumers. This is a stereotype viewpoint, probably dragging their successful experiences from the time of rapid economic growth. However, the older adults living today are exposed to more changes than before. Thus, their consumption behaviors are diversified.

To appeal to this Boomers market, you must be able to adapt this diversity. In this book I would like to give you some useful ideas for your business, showing many successful examples.

I will appreciate it, if you let me know what you thought of this book.

Hiroyuki Murata


You canít understand the Boomers market just by looking at it.

Adaptability to the diversified market.
---the Boomers market is an aggregate of micro markets.

Chapter 1
Discovery of “dissatisfaction”
---A new “dissatisfaction” will emerge from a saturated market.

Chapter 2
Edit the seeds for new products.
---From “seeds” to “needs”.

Chapter 3
Aging Stylist
---From “functions” to “styles”

Chapter 4
Home Delivery of a Refuge Temple service
---Products will be offered at home, not in a shop

Chapter 5
Private Concierge
---Concierge services spread from high-income people to middle income people.

Chapter 6
The Third Place
---The increase of retired people without any particular place to go every day.

Chapter 7
Experience the intellectual camp
---Physical Experiences are needed for Lifelong Studies.

Chapter 8
Knowledge Networker
---Increase of “Nano-corps”, a mini corporation of your own.

Chapter 9
Intellectual Connections
---Intellectual stimuli can be a centripetal force for your local community.

Chapter 10
Loosely Connected Big families
---Ambiguous border between an individual and a group

Closing Chapter
10 Successful Strategies for a Diverse Market.

Judge for yourself with your own senses and step forward as a pioneer.

[Reviews by Media]

This is an excellent instruction manual for the older adults’ market, including the Boomers generation. The author explains that the traditional mass marketing methods do not work anymore. Mass production, mass distribution and mass sales will not apply in this new market.
--- The Nikkei newspaper

This book is full of real information, unlike many other books filled with data and information gathered on the desk. “Many seminars are held for the older adults market now. However, the successful examples they give you there are the same companies all the time.” The author points out this fact, which can be true for the the coverage by media as well. We should accept his criticism.
--- Nikkei Marketing Journal

The author explains the keys to the success, according to the real examples of the business for older adults in the USA. He suggests that we should learn from the ideas and the viewpoints of the pioneers in this market. You can’t succeed by copying the American examples. Instead, you must learn how to think.
--- Business & Technology Daily News

This was an adrenaline-charged book for me. Many businesses introduced here were mind-boggling. The smart studies by the author impressed me as well. I strongly recommend this book.
--- Webook of the Day

An authority of the businesses for older adults reports us the frontline of this market in the USA. He also investigates the business possibilities in Japan, after learning from the examples of both success and failure in the USA. The idea of nano-corps by older adults is stimulating for the same generation in Japan.
--- Shukan Asahi

“The market of older adults is complicated and diversified,” points out the author. This is an encouraging hint for the entrepreneurs targeting the Japanese older adults market of 100 trillion yen. It also encourages the older adults themselves, anticipating for their future.
--- Sunday Mainichi

A report on successful businesses for older adults in the US. A good example is a fitness club exclusively for older women. They focused on many women’s hesitation to exercise with men. The older adults in Japan are said to form a huge market of 100 trillion yen. Not many Japanese companies have captured this profitable market yet. The author also suggests solutions for anxieties about the aging society.
--- Weekly Bunshun

This book answered my long-time questions about our aging society. The author’s viewpoint is not pessimistic nor optimistic. He is capable of presenting the new business of aging based on his exuberant career both in the academic and the entrepreneurial fields.
--- The English Teachers’ Magazine

This book introduces a new business trend in the USA called “nano-corps”. The increase of nano-corps in the USA will stimulate and inspire the middle-aged business people in Japan.
--- Nikkan Gendai Newspaper

This book introduces many aging business examples in the USA. It’s not the author’s intention to encourage the readers to follow the American examples. He suggests that we should learn from their foresights and efforts on the aging market. What we need to do is to be a pioneer and step forward. That’s the author’s message.
--- Yukan Fuji Newspaper

Many Japanese companies fight fiercely to take in the retired Boomers as their workforce, but there seems to be few winners in this game so far. The author tells us about the successful examples in the USA, where they have many advanced aging businesses. He explains us the methods to the success in this market.
--- Weekly Toyo Keizai

In the past 10 years or so we have been trying to capture the Boomers’ market as a way to break through the weak consumptions. No good results can be seen so far. Even worse, we are suffering recession due to the deflation. All our marketing methods did not work. But we are not yet ready to summarize our failures. And at this stage, the suggestions of this book are stimulating to us, especially because of many advanced examples in the USA.
--- Keizaikai Magazine

This is an excellent textbook for those who would start a new business. It is also a very interesting sociology book to understand the reality of the older consumers of today.
--- Silver Sangyo News

For those managers who can’t understand the demands or the motivations of the older adults, this is the book to read. It is filled with business ideas that will awaken you to the truth of this market.
--- Leisure Industry Data

“Business of Aging” is an ultimate guidebook for the world’s biggest undeveloped market. What effects will the aging society bring to your business? What can you do to make profits in this market? You must read this book to find these out.
--- Daniel Pink, the author of “Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself”

A recommended book for those who are engaged in business for older adults, of course, and also for ordinary older adults. You will know how you are perceived as consumers.
--- All About Japan /Senior Life

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