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Proposal to create intellectual camps and the commercialization of new style study trips for women

Around 2000 I have noticed that older adults are more and more looking for something more than leisure activities. They wanted to enjoy learning something new. On the other hand, they were accustomed to be passive and just receiving the one-way educational services. It was very difficult to create an interactive learning place.


That is why I proposed a new differentiating strategy to provide the experiences of “intellectual camps” where older adults not only study at desk, but also go out with other people and stay there for a period of time. Combining this learning experience with the traditional leisure service, you can create a new opportunity for older adults to enjoy practical learning.


The first case of this strategy came true as a travel product called “One Month Stay”, where I arranged the strategic alliance between Iki-Iki (Club Tourism is their major stockholder now), a leading magazine for older women in Japan, and Elderhostel, a long-established educational travel organization for older adults in the USA.


As soon as we advertised the “One Month Stay” program by Iki-Iki magazine, the prescribed number of applicants was reached in spite of its higher price of 1,000,000 yen (US$10,000) per person. The participants stayed in Boston for a month and enjoy daily living there, while learning English at the same time.


The success of this program proved that there are hidden demands for this kind of exciting experiences.

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